Meet Our Company And The Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to help restart the lives of those homeowners who have had their life parallelized by difficult property situations.

We accomplish our mission by exposing and discussing your real estate problem and how it has affected your life. Then we achieve a fresh start by evaluating your options and encourage you to select the option that removes the most problems while giving the best restart to your life.

Our Vision

Our vision…to be the premier home buyer and solution provider in the state of Texas.

Our Core Values

Here at Smokin S Properties, LLC, we live by these values regardless of if you want to sell your house fast now, later, or never. Our goal is to treat you with respect, be kind, and help you with our unique expertise.

  • Always treat everyone with respect
  • Positivity in all things we do
  • Open and honest in our communication
  • Integrity in every aspect of our life and business

About Smokin S Properties, LLC

We buy houses in your Dallas-Fort Worth area, Texas . It’s usually a busy schedule as we sit around the kitchen table, brainstorming solutions that work best. Join us for a free consultation. Together we can find a solution that will solve the issue. Our overarching vision is to help others wherever we can. Sometimes that means buying a property. At other times, we develop a different strategy. 

As trusted buyers in Dallas-Fort Worth, we have helped people in every situation imaginable: homes destroyed by tenants, banks sending notice of default, loss of income/job, outdated property, poor job done by a contractor, high taxes, probate, vacant house, relocating, retirement, and even bankruptcies. We buy houses in the DFW area…including Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Cooke, Grayson, and Collin counties. Bad things happen to good people, and we want to help. Please reach out, if you want to sell your house fast (or need other help). We have been helping folks like you for years. Give us a try, and we promise you will be pleased you did.

Meet Our Team

Rick Sanders is your professional country boy; that might not sound much, but Rick has been in the real estate industry for nearly 26 years. Now that is a lot of time invested for the specific sector, Rick’s experience proves that. 

He’s married and a true family man at heart. He lives in a rural community, but that does not stop his entrepreneurial spirit to grow without restraint. Rick is not only good at what he does, but is also passionate about what he’s doing, and that’s evident from the success of this company and his other business ventures. 

Rick believes he can get involved in real estate by helping others, whether they are in an unfortunate financial situation or not. Rick believes that there’s a service to provide in this field, and his desire to help people can be accomplished through the services that

Smokin S Properties, LLC provides. 

Darryl Ryan is the creative mind behind our deal structuring and the purposes of each of our companies.  While being creative and focused on our companies, he never forgets his reason for building and doing what he does.  Darryl has been building businesses, consulting, and being a husband for more than 25 years.  Along with loving his 2 adult daughters and a young son he loves learning and working with others who have the energy to work as hard as he does and have the desire to succeed. Darryl says he “Enjoys Life” and wants to help others appreciate life as he does.

Gary Hibert is a full-time Real Estate agent involved in selling, rehabilitating, and wholesaling properties. This is how Gary first met Darryl and Rick – his current business partners.  

Gary figured that he could help others in the real estate business while being able to do business. Going through probates and other life situations regarding properties can be stressful, and there are many challenges for people. However, Gary saw this as an opportunity to help and do service for those in need, and he dived straight in with no hesitation. Through this, he met Darryl and Rick propelled him more into deciding that now was the right time to put together a company that could help people with their real estate needs.

Aki is the visionary when it comes to the goals that she wants to achieve for the company. She looks forward to seeing the company grow in numbers and the skillsets and the capabilities of the people involved. But, just like her personality, she takes value in the back-end; what matters most to her is the growth involved in the staff, and that’s a goal that is always constantly staying true.

Aki is the type that is also adding up on the list of her ambitions to achieve, and to this day, she is still moving forward for the next item on her list to put in.

Gabrielle Is the Transaction Coordinator (TC) for Smokin S Properties, LLC. She manages contracts throughout the selling and buying process.

Her organization, humor, and communication skills make her an effective TC. Outside of work, she is the opposite of being organized. She is very spontaneous. She loves planning surprise trips with her family on weekends. She believes that life is too short to be rigid. She ensures that her family enjoys and experiences life while honoring her values: Excellence and Doing the Right Thing.

Christiane is responsible for contacting clients, overseeing quality control and our HR department. Chris will be one of the people responsible for contacting and communicating with you, our current client, or those future clients we are hoping to serve.  As one of the Quality Analysts, she’s responsible for ensuring that our service meets the established quality standards, including reliability and performance required by our clients.  She loves traveling and spending quality time with her family, especially with her daughter.

Now that you’ve met our team, ready to sell your house fast? We’ll be happy to help you out.

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