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Frequently Asked Questions

You might have a lot of questions, and that’s okay. Most do! So here’s a collection of the ones people most frequently ask and our answers to them. And if the FAQ doesn’t cover the question you’ve got, just drop us a line and we’ll help you out.

Q: Do You List or Do You Buy Directly?

A: We buy houses every month, but we also own a real estate brokerage company so we can list your property if that’s better fit for your goals. But if you want to sell your house fast or find a buyer quickly, we can buy your home as-is for a cash price. 

Q: Do You Pay Fair Prices for Properties?

“Fair” prices for houses is a subjective term. In our opinion, fair value is what the market will allow a property to sell for. We’ve often purchased properties below market value, so in a sense, we are paying a “fair” price for those properties. Our main goal is to buy houses (or other real estate) efficiently and get the seller paid fast.

For example, let’s say an agent says that you’ll get $200k by listing, and we offer $190k in cash. However, you won’t have to make any repairs with our offer: you won’t even have to pay for closing costs or commissions! In that light, our offer becomes the better option. The bottom line is, we’re confident that it will be a win/win situation for you. You’ll get cash fast and get rid of a property you don’t want. 

Selling your house to a real estate investor can be wise if you do your homework first and find the right buyer. After all, it gives you the chance to cash out fast and move on with your life. Remember to pay attention to the costs, timelines, and pros and cons before deciding which option is right for you. We buy houses in Dallas-Fort Worth, and we have compiled a free guide to help you out.

Download this guide. It will help you find the pros & cons.

Q: How Do You Determine the Price to Offer On My Property?

Great question! Pricing a house is a challenging task and one we take very seriously. First, we look for comparables to review the prices of homes recently sold in your area. We also look at the property’s condition, any maintenance work you have done, or unique features that add to the value. Objectively going through this process helps determine the fair market value of your home so that you can know what your house is worth.

Q: Are There Any Fees or Commissions to Work With You? 

There are no commissions or fees if you choose to sell your house fast with our Quick Cash Close option. 

If you want to list on the MLS, our real estate brokerage will handle all of the listing and negotiation for you to get the best price possible.

Sell Your House Fast

Q: How Are You Different From Real Estate Agents? 

A: Are you asking yourself if we are different from a real estate agent? Yes, yes, we are. We are different from the traditional model of the real estate market, which focuses on show-ready houses and clients ready to close in 30 or 60 days or longer. On the other hand, many real estate investors make cash offers based on a formula that works for their business model. Still, that offer is often too low for a seller who isn’t necessarily in a hurry or is willing to go through the traditional selling process.

At Smokin S Properties, LLC, we can serve you with several options to sell, and you can pick the one that best helps you reach your goals.

Our cash offers work differently from other real estate buyers. We give homeowners the option to sell their house using a simple cash offer if you’re after speed, convenience, and don’t mind a fair proposal. If you’re seeking top dollar and can wait for the right retail buyer to come along, great! Our real estate brokerage can list your home on the market and create competition to sell your house fast and get the most money in your pocket. Essentially, we are different primarily because we don’t box you into a single option. Instead, we offer choices so you can choose what works for you.

Q: Is There Any Obligation When I Submit My Info?

Our process is super simple. You fill out this form with a bit of info about your property, and we’ll take a look at the details, make you an all-cash offer that’s great for you, and close on your timeline (in as little as 7 days). From there, it’s 100% up to you as to whether or not you decide to sell your home to us…we won’t hassle you or bother you…it’s 100% up to you,  and we respect your decision. 

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Sell Your House Fast: Pros and Cons

So what’s the bottom line? Cash offers can be very attractive. They’re fast, have no hassle, and have no hoops to jump through. But they’re not for everyone. If you have the patience and are willing to wait a few months, we can help list your home with a local, experienced realtor. Otherwise, cash offers deserve serious consideration from homeowners when looking at options for selling unwanted properties.

We have created this short guide so you can learn the pros & cons of an all-cash sale.