I’m Relocating And Need To Sell My House In Dallas-Fort Worth

selling my Dallas-Fort Worth house relocation

Relocation is a complex orchestration of tasks. We receive calls and house information submissions from local Dallas-Fort Worth home sellers every week, stating, “I’m relocating and need to sell my house in Dallas-Fort Worth.” The fantastic news is that we are well-equipped to assist many of these sellers in swiftly selling their houses (due to our active house buying operations in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX at present!).

Amidst a plethora of intricate details that must be managed, there’s also the stress of the underlying reason for your move – often involving a new job or an ailing family member. However, the genuine necessity to relocate is always accompanied by a significant change.

So, how can you maximize the outcome of such a challenging situation?

Don’t Agonize – Organize.

You don’t want to find yourself caught in the predicament of shouldering the costs of owning and up-keeping an unoccupied house for 2 years. Such a situation is not only financially burdensome but also avoidable.

While the current real estate market in Dallas-Fort Worth is relatively stable, circumstances can alter unexpectedly. We’ve been privy to some truly harrowing accounts spanning the past couple of decades. Unless you’re incredibly wealthy, waiting indefinitely isn’t a feasible option.

So how do you make the right choices when you’re relocating and need to sell your Dallas-Fort Worth TX house fast?

Relocating And Need To Sell My House Fast In Dallas-Fort Worth… Your Options And Steps


  1. Find out what your house is worth: To ascertain this, you can reach out to a trustworthy real estate agent or get in touch with us, and we can provide you with a valuation of your property at no cost or obligation. Once you have a clear understanding of the potential selling price in the present market, this forms the foundation for gauging the timeframe within which you may or may not be willing to sell the house.
  2. Decide how fast you need to sell your house after you relocate: This is a significant consideration. I’ve witnessed individuals who relocated for employment and had their property listed for more than a year before eventually selling it at a considerably lower price than anticipated. Determine the urgency with which you need to sell your house and the duration for which you’re comfortable continuing to cover two mortgage payments, insurance costs, and more.
  3. Secure a reliable real estate agent BEFORE you commence packing your belongings: Initiate the process ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary delays. Every passing month or each additional month it takes to sell the house translates to a financial loss. Alternatively, if utilizing a real estate agent isn’t your preference… we stand as a reputable local house buyer, and we’re eager to extend a swift and equitable all-cash offer. Just fill out the form through this link to get started >>
  4. Calculate the value of selling your house fast vs. “waiting it out” for a dream price:It’s a shared desire to sell our houses for the highest feasible amount. However, a crucial aspect often overlooked is calculating the monetary value associated with retaining ownership of the house. These expenses encompass mortgage payments (particularly within the initial 10 years, where the majority of payments cater to interest rather than principal), insurance, taxes, maintenance, and more. Let’s assume you intend to sell your house for $200,000. If your monthly mortgage payment is $1,200, taxes total $200, insurance costs $100, and maintenance amounts to $100 (including lawn upkeep and repairs during your absence), the cumulative expenses would amount to $1,600 per month in “non-equity building” costs.

    If it takes you 7 months to sell the house through a real estate agent at $200,000, the tally of direct “holding costs” reaches $11,200. Additionally, you’d need to pay $12,000 in real estate agent fees (assuming 3% for the buyer’s agent and 3% for the seller’s agent), resulting in a total loss of $23,200. This doesn’t even encompass the value of your time, the stress of contemplating a property sitting on the market, or the opportunity cost of how you could have utilized that extra money during those 7 months. The genuine expense to you is likely closer to $30,000.

    But, consider this scenario: What if you were to sell your house next week and avoid all these costs? Even if you sold at a discount below the retail price (say, $175,000), you’d still emerge ahead by selling the house NOW at a discount to a home buyer like our company, compared to waiting 7 months and selling at full price (while incurring holding costs and real estate agent fees).

    Does this reasoning resonate with you?

  5. Take action!: Whatever your choice, make a decision and take proactive steps. If you opt for the real estate agent route, fantastic! Seek out a respected local Dallas-Fort Worth, TX agent. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to avoid waiting and sidestep real estate agent commissions, a viable and effective alternative could be to sell your house to us 🙂

If you possess ample time and a truly remarkable property, you might consider testing the market by introducing it at a premium price. There’s a slight chance that someone might be smitten and willing to pay above market value – after all, people have been known to take extraordinary actions for love.

However, the reality is that most properties fall within the average spectrum. They tend to mirror the neighboring houses, much like how people living close to each other often share common traits. Thus, unless your property stands out as truly exceptional, boasting magazine-worthy uniqueness, pricing it at the highest point won’t necessarily yield the greatest returns in the market.

Another strategy is to simultaneously market your property for both rent and sale, observing which opportunity arises first. This approach requires you to maintain control of the process, even though it might perplex even experienced real estate professionals.

In specific scenarios, we might collaborate with property owners to establish lease option agreements, enabling highly qualified buyers to rent the property for a predetermined period before making the purchase.

Alternatively, we could aid in renegotiating loans, contributing to monthly payments, or orchestrating a short sale with a bank.

Our passion lies in assisting individuals in solving intricate problems.

Innovative solutions have the potential to bridge gaps and guide you to your desired destination.

You’ve got a lot of time on your side and a really great property, you might want to test the market by offering it out at a high price. There’s a small chance someone might just fall in love and be willing to overpay – people do crazy things for love.

Most properties are pretty average, in reality. They tend to be like the other houses around them, in the same way that people who live near each other tend to have a lot in common too. So unless your property is truly exceptional, as in magazine-quality extra-special, you won’t capture the most money in the market by pricing at the highest point.

You can also win by marketing your property for rent and sale at the same time, just to see what happens first. You have to maintain control of the process, which can confuse even seasoned real estate brokers.

In certain situations, we may partner with property owners to help secure lease option agreements where highly qualified purchasers rent the property for an agreed time before buying.

In other cases, we may help renegotiate a loan, help make monthly payments or conduct a short sale with a bank.

We love helping people solve complicated problems.

Creative solutions can bridge the gap to get you where you need to be.

Who Is Smokin S Properties, LLC And How Can We Help You If You’re Relocating And Need To Sell In Dallas-Fort Worth?

We’re real estate investors. We support our families and enhance neighborhoods by purchasing houses from Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners who need quick sales for various reasons.

The types of sellers who tend to work with us include people who…

  • Require a swift sale (we can close within just 7 days if needed)
  • Prefer to avoid the complexities of listing a property with an agent
  • Wish to bypass real estate agent fees
  • Cannot sell their house due to specific circumstances (we buy houses as-is)
  • … among a range of other circumstances

However, we’re not just real estate investors – we’re individuals who possess a strong commitment to the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

We uphold honesty and transparency.

Our quotes are equitable, and we’re capable of swift cash transactions.

If you’re ready to exercise patience and can enlist professionals to assist you, managing the property sale from a distance is plausible. In certain scenarios, taking that risk can be advantageous.

We’re enthusiastic about aiding you in discovering solutions to your most challenging inquiries regarding your Dallas-Fort Worth real estate. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (469) 436-5208 for a chat anytime.

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